Breaking silence

Hello to all in the vast reaches of cyberspace. So it’s been more than a month since my last post and it’s probably a good idea for us to give you as readers a quick update about what’s happening in our world of motorcycling.

Let’s start with our good friend Anxiety on Wheels. Man has he been busy. After the theft of Dodgy the dodgy Suzuki the man saved up and bought a new ride. Check out the specs and Anxiety’s review of his new ride.


Make: Honda


Truly one of the best bikes that have ever graced our presence

Model: Bros
Year: 1988
Engine: 398 cc, carburetor, SOHC V Twin
Status: For Sale

“We all struggle to find our place in the world. What you need is a bike. A bike would never make you feel unwanted, cheated, lonesome or apprehensive.
This was the case with my bros, my “1988 Honda Bros Vtwin 400cc”. Or as we’ve come to call her, “Dusty Leaf Blower” and for good reason.. Twin clean choke pipes facing downward, blowing up debris and causing mayhem in unsuspecting, unprotected, unwary neighbourhoods. Making little girls run in terror and little boys giddy at its brutal gurgle as the engine brake sounding like a little truck using exhaust break while a little whisper of “guess who b$#@&!!”
The Honda Bros Nc25 or just “The Bros” was intended to be a “low-budget low maintenance fuel-efficient commuter” back in Japan and was never meant to be an export. But you know humans… We like to do the opposite of what is intended. Being old model, she doesn’t have a petrol gauge and her trip distance indicator has been saying goodbye since the day we started our relationship. But no matter… the fuel usage is about 18km/l on short distances and even a little more if you ride her as intended, smooth and cruising, kicking up sh*t and making little kids yell “rev it!!!” As you pass their primary school. Long distance (again if you cruise and not try to chase the busa (hyabusa)) you are looking at about 22km/l.
Four spark plugs which means twin spark delivers a smoother engine start, is adorable but… One problem. No two spark plugs are even relatively in the same height, sort saying “not linearly”. One spark plug is specifically difficult to get to as it is below and behind a piece of frame, not to mention the hassle getting the “specially grinded down spark plug lug” which is the only one that can fit in those spaces. Petrol filter and other serviceables are relatively hassle free, but removing the tank is difficult as the petrol leaks a wee bit out of the tap or “kraantjie” even when you turn the petrol to off, thus the petrol had to be sucked out and put in a container to be put back later.
All in all everything works beautifully, except rear indicators being painfully OUT THERE to be walked off or knocked off while getting on or off  (stock btw and a change of indicators is fairly easy and within a tiny budget).  Other than that the Honda Bros 400cc is nice and powerful (even with my clean pipes) a d a joy to ride.
So if you should ever find a 1988-1992 Honda Bros 400cc Vtwin, you have struck gold my friends.
Oh and by the way, with the clean pipes your noise level is on a whole new level of “what a beautiful noise””

So it seems that Anxiety is really enjoying his new wheels… but as you would also have read, the bike is currently for sale. Seems like our friend here has a serious need to upgrade. More power usually made by more capacity. Yup, Anxiety is attempting his exit from the 400 cc club to something bigger and more powerful.

As for myself… That is a completely different story. We all know that my Little Yellow Monster (Honda VFR 400 cc) is really getting old. With this age she is also showing some of her flaws. The largest of these being a massive oil leak on the gearbox output shaft. I’ve tried to replace the seal twice now and the leak still hasn’t been stopped. Further inspection showed that the shaft itself has been damaged. Thus I will have to either replace the said shaft or have it welded up and machined back to spec. Both these options fall far outside my budget at the moment. This means that I am not riding as a result. This blog has been silent for a month because that is about how long it’s been since I’ve ridden any sort of motorcycle.

However, not riding is literally driving me insane. So I’ve decided that I’ll be riding my Little Yellow Monster, but only on recreational, short trips. In these scenario’s it’s quite harmless to top up the oil before every run, and lose a bit on the way. Critical attention must however be paid to the to the oil levels.

Speaking of recreational trips. I will be heading to a day jol near my residence this Saturday. It’s been quite some time since I’ve ridden my bike and I am really looking forward to it. So here’s to topping up oil, and clocking up miles.

As a side note, I will really be doing my best to keep this blog from going silent again. I’m currently trying to find topics to write about that would interest both our riding and non-riding readers. If you have any questions you would like to have answered, please feel free to ask. Or if you’ve had a fun road trip and would like to share it with us, please do so. We love to hear riding stories from around the world and would love to feature stories from our readers on our blog.

But for now, I wish you a safe ride and enjoyable journey.


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