Old Names, New Faces. New Scars. Some Catching Up To Do.

Yes I’m still alive. And I have a wealth of knowledge to share with our intrepid readers. (That means you guys pay attention okay?)

FIRSTLY. What happened to me? Why was I gone for so long? My bike got stolen. Now anyone who has had this experience will tell you it is possibly the worst feeling in the world. More painful than sliding on tarmac, more sense knocking than a headbang giving you a concussion, and more demoralizing than soiling yourself in public. 

What did I do? I “sold” my bike over the internet. A guy called me a few minutes after I posted the bike as being up for purchase, asked for bank details and transferred the money which did not show in my account yet but the text looked promising, another guy  (supposedly a transport service for hire like a courier) came and picked up the bike. The money never appears in my account and I never saw my bike again, which was about 3 months ago now. The supposed transport for hire company still calls me on different numbers with different names (but the voice stays the same hahaha) and they still try to get my bikes papers from me in other sneaky ways.

What can you do to avoid my half idiot mistake?

Firstly.. ever heard people say “Cash Is King”? Well if a guy wants to buy a vehicle or anything from you, tell them cash deal or no deal. And if they say “let’s do an internet transaction” you say okay fine come see the product, give them proof of who you are to give them peace of mind and let them do the transaction. When and ONLY WHEN the money shows in your account do you give them the vehicle or item or whatever the case may be.

How I bought my Suzuki was we went to go look at the bike, and when I was interested we discusses paperwork which was not on the seller’s name. Then we came to an agreement: I rake together the cash (“COLD HARD CASH IN HAND”), he sorted the paperwork, filling in all the details. Then the second time I saw the seller I gave him the cash and he signed and everything, we loaded the bike and had a nice day further.



If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Stay safe, ride safe, stay aware and help each other out by reporting these things.


2 thoughts on “Old Names, New Faces. New Scars. Some Catching Up To Do.

    • One of the hardest I’ve ever had to learn. But at least I was smart enough to keeo my ownership papers. Guy who came in after me at the police station the night I reported the theft was not so smart.. he have the con artists the papers as well as a certified copy of his I.D..

      So they are smart, just be smarter okay friend?


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