Bike envy

Hello to everyone in the vast reaches of the world-wide web. Once more I apologise for a very long bout of silence. My personal duties have kept me so busy that I barely had time to dream about motorcycle adventures, let alone write about them. In addition, my little yellow monster has not been itself lately, and my car had also broken down. This had led to an interesting two weeks.

Mechanical MacGyver was kind enough to let me use his ride in this stressful time. Keeping me on wheels, whilst I see to the repairs of my bike and my car. What a ride it is. A 2006 Honda CBR1000R Fireblade, slightly modified, to add some excitement. Using this machine to commute really gives one an in depth feel for what a bike is about. In my two weeks of using this machine I realised the following things:

  1. I really really really want one. They are extremely powerful bikes in view of their small engine displacement. Furthermore, this bike has an amazing seating position, even if you are a 6’4″ bloke such as myself.
  2. Although it was an amazing ride, these bikes were never really made for the daily commute. Something that I had noticed after the excitement had worn off. They tend to heat up very quickly when stuck in traffic, and one never really needs to go above third gear in 60 km/h speed zones.
  3. Big sports bikes turn heads. Not only the heads of pedestrians, but fellow bikers as well.

But as all things go, things must come to an end. My little yellow monster is in a good enough condition to keep me on the road, and therefore my fling with the Fireblade has come to end. An interesting exprerience indeed, but I’ve never been happier than on the bike I call my own.

On that note, I wish all of you a safe ride and enjoyable journey.


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