Winter is coming

Hello again to all of you out there on the world-wide web. The first few days of March have passed, and that makes this the start of the fall season here in the southern hemisphere. As I’m writing this, I can feel a definite change in the temperature over the past few days. Along with this we have been having some really peculiar rainfall in the South African High veld. Winter is coming indeed.

However, for us here in the High veld, this does not mean that the riding has come to an end for the season. Nor that time has come to prep our bikes for winter storage. For those die-hard riders among us, the change of season is merely an indication to prepare for a little cooler ride. See, in the Gauteng province we experience average winter temperatures of between 17,8°C (64°F) and 3,4°C (38°F) (around middle June). Yes, that is cold for someone used to 29°C (82°F) summer weather. Yes, the wind chill will be something fierce, but we fortunately do not have to deal with the possibility of snow and ice endangering our ride. I have found if one prepares well for a ride during this time of year it can be as good, if not better than a summer ride.

This is especially true in the early mornings on weekends. The roads seem eerily abandoned. The cold piercing through your riding gear, keeping one alert. An experience quite enjoyable for someone fond of colder temperatures, such as myself. In addition, empty, twisting, country roads are a playground to bikers. I am planing several mid winter trips this year, that’s if I can get my bike fixed properly in time.

On that note, I wish the die-hard winter riders a safe ride, and enjoyable journey.


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