2017 Bucket list kicking the bucket.

Good day to all our followers from all around the world-wide web. Once more, I apologise for the long bouts of silence that has recently been occurring on the site. Things on my side of the screen have just gone to the dogs in recent days.

Let us start at the beginning. At the start of 2017 I had posted about South African Biking Events that I would like to attend in the year. This has become my biking bucket list for the year, and I would have loved to complete it. However, the mechanical gremlins just couldn’t resist being drawn to my Honda VFR400R, commonly known as the little yellow monster. Several issues decided to rear their ugly heads, prohibiting me from enjoying one of my favourite activities, riding. You can read all about my struggles in my opinion of the problem with sports bikes.

From the time that I have posted the above, I have been able to reassemble my bike and have done a few short trips in the neighbourhood. To my surprise the new final drive dampers have worked wonders in smoothing out power delivery. No more jerky pull-away or engine braking. On the other hand, the entire exercise of removing the engine to install one pesky oil seal has proven useless. On my return today, I noticed that oil came gushing from my power plant once again. This means that my machine may have to be parked once more, until this problem can be resolved permanently.

This brings me to the problem at hand. One of the events on my bucket list is the Impala Rally 2017. This gathering takes place from 10 to 12 March 2017, slightly more than one week away. Taken into account that my bike parts have totally obliterated my budget, and that the oil leak on my bike shows no signs of stopping, it is highly unlikely that I will be able to attend the rally.

On this note of despair, I wish all of you who are riding a safe ride, and enjoyable journey.


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