Dukes burgers

Hi all and welcome to February 2017. Firstly I would like to apologize for my bout of silence since mid January. I’ve been having some difficulty with my internet services provider.

A few weeks ago I had posted my shortlist of events to attend and solo rides I had planned for this year. One of these trips would to one of my favourite burger joints, Dukes Burgers. Oddly it didn’t turn out to be a solo ride as I was joined by our friend Anxiety on Wheels (formerly known as Training Wheels) and another motorcycle fan Darth Vaper (so named for his vaping obsession). Darth Vaper isn’t yet a rider, so he saddled up on my passenger seat.

It’s a short trip to Dukes Burgers (about 8.7 km). However having to pick up Darth Vaper from his home led us to taking the scenic route, which leads us past Emmerentia lake. Not the greatest of roads, but as good as it can get on such a short trip. With mote luck, we found parking space directly in front of the burger joint.

The decor leads one to think that Dukes Burgers is way more formal than a normal burger joint, however upon a second glance one realises that most patrons are dressed as informally as you are. Being seated outside, which is past the kitchen and out the back door, one finds that it’s a relaxed place. A good place to have conversation with friends. 

Glancing at the menu it’s evident that there is no lack of choice for burgers and drinks. Burger patties range from the conventional beef, pork, and chicken, all the way to ostrich. Further topped with anything from blue cheese to zesty peppers, or even fried in tequila. Served with your choice of potato wedges, sweet potato wedges, fries, or salad. At first the price tag might seem frightening; however, you truly receive value for tour money. The burgers are quite large and the starch portions are just as big. Combining this with a very interesting variety of alcoholic milkshakes, made with items ranging from Oreos and vanilla vodka to pecan nuts and other liquor, makes for a fantastic feast. I would recommend it to anyone.

On this occasion, I enjoyed a Doomsday Burger, which is a beef and pork mince blend patty, topped with avocado and cheddar. With fries, of course. Prepared to perfection, as can be expected from the few times I’ve been there before. The meat is thoroughly cooked throughout, without being dried out. A juicy burger indeed. No milkshake for me, as I was driving and carrying a pillion. Coca Cola would have to suffice.


I’m including a map for those who would like to check it out.


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