South African Biking Events 2017

As we’ve said in a previous post we will be displaying dates and venues of events that will be taking place in 2017. From this list I’ve compiled my own shortlist of events that I intend to attend if my schedule and budget allows. There will most likely be a review post about these events afterwards.

I will be editing this post as the events take place in order to help everyone keep track of where we currently are on our shortlist. Therefore I find it useful to include a key to interpreting the list:

  • Events that have been stricken through = events that have been attended, including a post on the blog.
  • Events described in yellow paragraphs = events that have passed and/or could not be attended.

So here’s my shortlist:

  • First of all, club voted day jols. Our club bylaws hold that every patched member is obliged to attend one day jol a month. The mandatory event for the month is determined by a vote at our club meetings at the start of every month, therefore I am unable to give specific detail on which jols I will be attending.
  • Secondly, an event in my sights that I haven’t attended since 2008. The Impala Rally held at Hartebeespoort Holiday Resort from 10 to 12 March 2017. Bike SA has the updated info for the 2017 event on their site. From memory, the Impala Rally is one of the more relaxed, civilised events in the calendar.
  • Chronologically, the next event I am going to attend (tickets already bought) is the South Africa Bike Festival. Held at Kayalami GP Circuit from 26 to 28 May 2017. Basically this event is a platform showcasing new machines, classics, and custom bikes built by some of the biggest names in South Africa. Paired with some insane stunt shows and test rides around the GP circuit, makes this one event not to be missed. More info and tickets are available on the site.
  • Sticking with the chronological order, I would like to attend the Rhino rally. This event usually takes place in August, which is also the busiest time in my calendar. More info on the event will be shared as we receive it.
  • The Gauteng Annual Toy Run held in November at Benoni Northerns Sports Grounds is a must for me. The event is aimed at gathering toys for those who are less fortunate. A well supported event in the biker community.
  • A definite must is the Poison Rally. Usually the first weekend of December. It is one of the biggest event in the biking calendar, and the last rally event of every year. Held at Kroon Caravan Park in Kroonstad, Freestate makes this quite a trip at around 200km from home. Unfortunately, this is not an event for the little ones and it is advised to arrange alternative care for them. More info to be relayed as we receive it.
  • Along with all the above events I’ve planned a few solo/informal rides to a few interesting destinations. Some are quite new, others are old favorites waiting to be visited again. I’ve included maps to the list below, as some of these places aren’t that easy to find without a little help. Here’s the list:
    • The Upperdeck Restaurant, Hartbeespoort has always been a breakfast run favorite. Situated on the R104, the trip offers beautiful scenery (when taking the twisty, scenic route), good food and many interesting trinkets to be perused in the surrounding crafters markets. The outdoor, open air restaurant offers live entertainment on various occasions. Definitely looking forward to my next visit. This round trip racks up about 180km on my machine. Well worth the trip.
    • Dukes Burgers, Greenside is another personal favorite. Dukes offers enormous burgers made to one’s personal taste. Beef, Chicken, Ostrich, the patty choices are near endless. Served with a truck load of fries or gigantic potato wedges.  The milkshake specialities will also tickle the taste buds of us adults. Dukes isn’t a long trip (about 10km using the long route), but the food definitely makes the short trip worth it.
    • Rim & Rubber Assembly, Greenside is a must for every bike fan. An interesting concept from what I’ve come to know. A restaurant, bike workshop and apparel shop rolled in to one. With amazing bikes, built by the in-house mechanical maestros, used as decor definitely makes it an interesting visit. I’ve been to the workshop and apparel shop, but I am yet to sample the food on offer. Another short trip, similar to that of Dukes Burger, but a unique experience guaranteed.

      Note: in the previews we’ve had some trouble with this map loading properly. Use this address if the map fails to load.
    • Historic Motorcycle Museum, Deneysville is another unique biking destination. The first dedicated museum of its kind in Africa, it promises to deliver a reputable collection unique and historic motorcycles. Definitely worth a visit according to some of my fellow riders. You can read up on the museum on their site. The scenic route will put 113km on the little yellow monster to get me there.

So there it is. My shortlist for 2017 events that I will most likely attend. Offering me some new sights and experiences and long journeys on the back of my little yellow monster.

Here’s wishing myself and you a safe ride and many enjoyable journeys in 2017.


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