Don’t Hate on Bikes

My apologies, for I must rant once again. In my holiday boredom, I decide to try to find a few interesting articles regarding motorcycles and motorcycling on the world-wide web. I must say, I’ve found some very helpful articles from fellow enthusiasts, sharing some amazing roads and life saving tips.

However, the pieces that I am so fond of were scattered (few and far apart) between a lot of doom and gloom. Pieces on why not to buy a bike, why bikes are too dangerous to ride, why (in most writer’s personal opinions) it’s not wise to be a biker. In all this I must concede that looking at pure statistics, the numbers support the standpoint, but most articles are not based on statistics. In most of these I read what is quintessentially the pure opinion of the writer. Most shockingly, these are the opinions of writers that admit to never having straddled a motorcycle in the first place. This is essentially judging a book by its cover, without even glancing at the synopsis.

Therefore my question is, how can one dismiss a form of transport, a lifestyle, without even sampling it in any way, shape or form? Would you buy a house without inspecting it? Would you buy a car without a test drive? That’s if you would buy one in the first place. How can you force your opinion on something that you do not know enough about to form an opinion on in the first place?

I can also write about the flaws and dangers in being a skateboarder. I can also write about why one should not buy a hammock. However I’ve never experienced the lifestyle and therefore I reserve my opinion. I do hope people understand the point I am trying to make. Yes, biking is dangerous. Yes, I know as a rider I am more likely to be injured or killed in an accident. Yes, cars do provide more protection in case of an accident. But there are some things that bikes offer that one will never be able to experience in a car. It’s about the bond with the machine, the road and the brotherhood between riders. As my colleague, Training Wheels, have stated previously: riding is “not about the miles per gallon, but the smiles per gallon”. The math on bikes will never make sense, but that’s not why we ride. We ride for that which cannot be measured and if you haven’t experienced it, how can you steer others away from such an experience.

I sincerely hope that I haven’t offended any fans in this post, however if the shoe fits… To those who enjoy the experience, or wishes to try it, I wish you a save ride and enjoyable journeys.


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