34th Annual Toy Run 2016, Gauteng, South Africa.

Here it is. The event that I have been waiting for since the start of the year had finally came to be. The 2016 34th Annual Motorcycle Toy Run.

27 November 2016, 08:00 AM. We embarked on our journey to one of the designated start venues for this event.


Myself, Training Wheels, and Mechanical MacGyver posing for a photo next to our bikes. Each of us carrying our small donation to the cause.

08:40 AM. We arrived at Silver Star Casino. One of several designated start venues for the mass rides that had been arranged to Benoni Northerns Sports Grounds. The route from Silver Star Casino being the longest route out of all the possible routes. We had a few minutes, for photos and admiring some of the bikes, before the mass ride would officially start.

09:00 AM. The mass ride set off from the gates of Silver Star Casino. As I’ve said before, this venue is the start of the longest route to the final destination. I love these long rides. Traveling long distances in the herd of bucking steel broncos. I love the sound produced in these mass rides, I like to call the Symphony of Wind and Exhaust.

We needed to travel a total distance of 100km (Approximately 62 miles) at an average cruising speed of 95 km/h (about 60 mph). Once more I was brought to the realisation that my little VFR is definitely not a long distance bike for a 6 foot 3 bloke. At arround 60 km into the journey my wrists, and everything south of my hind quarters had become numb. It was still an amazing trip regardless.

10:20ish AM. We arrived at Benoni Northerns Sports Grounds. By the time we had donated our fluffy passengers all the event badges had been sold out. To put this into perspective, 2015 saw a turnout of around 20 000 bikers. How many bikers had already purchased badges if all were sold out by the time that the first group of riders entered the gates?

The short video below shows the amount of bikes gathered at the time I had gotten off my bike. To my knowledge we were the second group arriving out of four. Just for information: my helmet cam’s time and date settings have gone a little wonky for some reason. I know the time and date stamp in the video is completely wrong.

The organisers have not yet released any information regarding the official rider and toy tallies. This info should follow in the next few weeks.

To my knowledge, everyone had a safe ride, and an enjoyable journey


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