Pink noise, the review

So on Saturday 29 October, myself, Training Wheels and other members of our club attended the Harley Davidson Pink Noise Charity Motorcycle Parade. Which was an event hosted by Harley Davidson dealers and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) across South Africa, aimed at raising awareness for breast cancer.

It was a warm day, peaking at 28° Celsius (approximately 82° Fahrenheit), as we gathered at the Clearwater dealership. The reception was not as warm though. In hindsight, bringing a super bike/sports bike to a crowd of Harley fans seems like asking for snide comments and looks. I do understand that it was a Harley hosted event, but it was an event for raising cancer awareness, therefore, in my opinion, all supporters should have been welcomed equally, regardless of riding preferences. Training Wheels on the other hand was instantly convinced that he should buy a Harley (more on this story as it develops).

We set off from Harley Davidson Clearwater dealership, riding to img-20161029-wa0012cover the largest part of the Westrand. Riding through parts of Florida, Krugersdorp and some other suburbs in the Westrand, keeping our bikes running loud and smooth and at a relaxed pace. This seemed to be quite easy for the Harley riders, as those bikes generally run well at quite low speeds. However, our super/sport bikes running at the back of the pack, were running at some pretty high temperatures. The lack of air flow, caused by the lack of constant speed, kept our bikes just short of boiling point. But we enjoyed the ride regardless of temperature.


All and all it was a fantastic ride, supporting a very worthy cause. Throughout the ride, many people could be seen turning their heads, paying attention to the hoard of roaring steel steeds cruising past. Camera flashes and smart phones were visible all around us. Social media, especially Facebook was a buzz with videos and images of the event. I would say that Harley-Davidson, and the Harley Owners Group had succeeded in their task of creating awareness.

In brief, it was a worthy event that I had enjoyed attending, regardless of the views and comments of others.

Ride safe, and enjoy the journey.


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