The (Proper) introduction of Training Wheels.

A while back we welcomed a new member to the Bike Addict crew to share with us a few details of what it’s like to be a new rider in the community. However in the process we have neglected on properly introducing him to you, our readers. So here goes.

I met Training Wheels back when we both were finishing high school a couple of years back. Back then he had always admired my little popcorn machine of a Honda CBF 125cc, however he did not care much for riding back then. So a couple of years had passed and Training Wheels bought himself a true lemon of a car, clanking around and breaking down every once in a while. In that time I had bought myself a 1987 Honda VFR 400cc and had just finished rebuilding the machine. Logically one would then want to sell the bike that is not being used anymore and I informed my friend that the little popcorn machine Honda was in the market.

Within a matter of weeks the lemon car was sold on and Training wheels obtained his learners permit for driving a motorcycle. The money from the sale of the car went straight to purchasing the bike that I had for sale. So the story began, with the skill and tenacity of a circus monkey, the not-so-stig-like gentleman had set about teaching himself how to ride. Hence the name Training Wheels. The rest is pretty much history.So is the story of my close friend joining me on the back of an iron steed, rolling down the highways in search of the perfect ride.

Now for a few words from the man himself on why he chose the way of the motorcycle:

“Since I was a lad, I’ve always had a knack for leaning towards the not-so-normal. Something that would rattle my bones and shake my day into an upside down perfect mess, chaos in harmony. I found that in biking. The rush of air past your head, the warmth from the engine on your knees, that sinking feeling as you hold on for dear life when you pull that clown lever (throttle)… Something that could easily kill me? That keeps me alive.

My first steed was a Honda CBF 125 cc, fuel injected. As light, agile and beautiful as newly born kudu (also ran like one). Under the cover of darkness it was taken from me, but luckily I had insurance. When they paid out, I went hunting for my next adrenaline injection.

My new steed(the second of two), is a yellow and black Suzuki RF 400 cc in the form of a hungry, noisy, nimble beast known simply as “Dodgy”. Hell hath no fury like a Dodgy yellow beastie.”

May the tales of Training Wheels and Dodgy amuse and inform you. From the rest of us we wish him safe, and enjoyable journeys.


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