Pink Noise

So recently I’ve been ranting about bikers being involved in charity, and changing the image of the modern biker. My biggest focus was on the national toy run event, however this blind rant has kept me from seeing another cause that was right under my nose. November is still quite a while away, and this also means that the toy run is quite a while away aswell.

Now for the event that has nearly slipped by unnoticed. October is originally known as breast cancer awareness month, and to that extent, various organisations are hosting events in an attempt to raise awareness regarding breast cancer and warning signs to such an extent. What better way to create awareness than having several thousand loud bikes parade the streets of many cities and towns all across South Africa? Enter the Pink Noise Motorcycle Charity Parade.

The Pink Noise Parade is sponsored and hosted by Harley Davidson and all proceeds from the event are donated to CANSA. CANSA is a non-profit organisation driving cancer research, education and support in South Africa. CANSA has done a lot of important work in the field of education and driving research, and now in October, focus falls to education and awareness of breast cancer.  Here is CANSA’s statement regarding the Pink Noise Parade:

“CANSA is the official beneficiary of the Harley Davidson Pink Noise Motorcycle Charity Parade and will be present at the various participating H-D® dealerships on 29 October 2016, 9h00 – 13h00.

We will be sharing breast cancer awareness material; demonstrating how to do breast self-examinations and completing Lifestyle Risk Assessments with participants. Vouchers will also be distributed enabling discounted screening of choice (20% discount) at local CANSA Care Centres. Participants may choose to visit their Care Centre for one of the following: finger prick PSA testing; Clinical Breast Examination or a Fotofinder Screening (mole mapping).”


Although the event and activities are focused on women, do not be decieved, men also attend these events, as men’s lives are also affected by breast cancer, in having a loved one suffering from cancer or having lost a loved one as a result thereof. This is once more reason to create awareness. Early detection can save lives. Therefore I hope to see a lot of bikers attending this event, as more bikes attending will definetly increase the impact that the event will have.

Check out the website above for more information regarding the event and to register your attendance. As I have mentioned before, it is important to do one’s bit for charity. Find your cause and support it.

Ride safe and enjoy the journey.


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