No Bikes. No Peace. No Happiness. Know Bikes. Know Peace. Know Happiness.

Riding an iron horse had taught me a lot of things. Things I maybe should have learned later in life. But when I started riding it was like God decided it was time for me to know more, seeing as a biker… no day is promised to me.

A lot of misconceptions about bikers floating around this country, this continent, this world…
It seems like one group of bikers could implant a whole train of thoughts toward bikers all over the world with one deed. We don’t all murder, extort or hustle in this world. It’s wrong of you to think we’re all cut from the same cloth, because, quoting Clay Morrow, some of us are “just mechanics and Harley enthusiasts”.

Learning to ride a motorcycle taught me a lot of things, as I’ve said. It has shown me a side of life I never knew. I have anxiety, depression, traces of PTSD and a mind that runs around like a blind dog looking for its home, but riding that 170kg-58hp-two wheeled-noisy-yellow-dodgy-crotch rocket bends my soul into a straight line and pulls me out from the shock of what most would call hell… Yet I call it home. Riding takes that hell away and replaces it with something like a vacation.

Riding has taught me to more considerate towards other people and other road users. If I rode like an ass out there, enough so that a driver becomes angry at bikers, he or she might not be so considerate towards the next biker that rides next to him or her. When you see a fellow biker on their horse and you wave at them that shows them something. You acknowledge their existence and to some that could mean the world to them.. That much I’ve learned.

What I’ve seen while riding a bike? Life in slow motion at a Devils pace. If you think we barely see anything while on a bike, you’re wrong. When you ride, you look around more, you observe life at a fraction of a second because God knows not all of us have the guarantee of making it around the next bend. Like a guy who’s scared of the mob, you take it all in, as much as you can and you appreciate more of the beauty in life because you have seen beauty in a pure form on two wheels, and you know it could be taken right out from underneath you at any given moment.

This I have learned from riding an iron horse, and I’m still learning. Since riding I think clearer, I appreciate life every day more and more, I’m safer on the road, more alert, more compassionate, even more open-minded, I forgive often, I love truly and I take my life a quarter-mile at a time.

Riding isn’t a given. It’s a lifestyle, a choice, a calling, a life lesson, a life decision, a teacher.

Ride safe, but park often to appreciate your horse and the life around you.


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