Drive to the edge of the world and you will find happiness. Walk five more miles and you will find serenity.

Finally I have made the decision to try to explain what riding an iron horse feels like, so pull up your comfy chair and perk your ears mates.

Recently my bike was stolen, my 125cc Honda CBF. Now it may not have been much, being such a small horse, but it was the entry point to life’s own miracle drug. That bike was my gateway to serenity, peace, unity and a feeling of belonging.

Many a biker have told me their version of what their bike does for them, how it helps them break away from the past and catapults you into your own skin 5 minutes from now to the right past the green light you’re still aiming for. It all boils down to this: No matter what your thoughts are, your state of mind, your worries, your stresses, discomforts, quarrels, heartaches, headaches or even regrets… When you get on your horse, you feel the tension building, your heart maybe even beats slower as your finger aims for choke,you pull the lever, your thumb and index turn the key, you grip the throttle and you hit that ignition button. Suddenly the roar from the exhaust deafens everything…. You can’t hear your problems no matter how loud they scream, so your turn down the choke and you kick her into 1st, on pull away your insecurities try holding on but they lose their grip, suddenly after a few seconds you stop at an intersection to turn so your past comes running and yelling “Hey! Don’t forget about me!”, but you leave that aggravation at the bus stop along with the rest of your stresses and discomforts.

Shifting through gears, you become more and more focused. Not on the world and troubles around you, but solely on the machine between your legs, the seat beneath your ass, and the noise you make coming out of a sweet corner.

See… Riding a motorcycle, an iron horse, a crotch rocket, a hog or a scooter isn’t just something you get up and do. When you walk up to your bike and you lay your hand down on that petrol tank, you feel a deeper connection than just another person with a car they use to get to work and back. Riding a bike is like trust. You trust that whatever happens to you is out of your control and that you may never fully be in control. Once you accept this, wearing stripes with plaid comes so much easier, don’t you think?

Now to actually answer the question straight-forward. Imagine a bear holding a machine-gun while surfing a shark in a tsunami. Actually it’s simpler than that..

Picture yourself jumping out of an airplane with a parachute some guy told you “should be fine” (not comparing a bike to a “should be fine” parachute). Now when you jump out of the airplane that’s when you pull away with your bike, at this stage you still have some time to make your decisions about how to land right? Just like how you still have time to safely stop your bike and even park it or plan a different route. After a few minutes you have past a point where you have sufficient time to get a solution if your parachute is faulty, this is where it’s a gamble because your parachute may or may not open, just like at 150km/h anything can happen and just like I said you are never fully in control.

So basically what I’m trying to say is riding a bike feels like physically riding a life decision.. Once you get on that horse for 2 minutes or 2 hours anything can happen and you have to live with the life decision you made. Saving 67% on your fuel each month? You get to live with the decision of mounting your bike and making that happen. Too many people try to tell us why we shouldn’t ride motorcycles, well the actual question is “Why isn’t there already one parked in your garage?”

Well that is my opinion. Get on with happiness, ride with peace, corner with serenity, park with respect. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Drive to the edge of the world and you will find happiness. Walk five more miles and you will find serenity.

  1. Gotta say that the title is very poetic, like it and about your CBF125, so sorry to hear that man, must be like losing part of your soul, especially when we already have such bound with our bike, so Wishing you get a better one (250cc or higher maybe). Very well written and nice article man, and I can’t agree more with you, them whom haven’t ridden a bike yet hardly get the picture of sheer (thrilling) experience once you twist that throttle, become one with the bike and blend with the mother nature (and people man, people )… That’s why I ride my bike. Alright man, ride safely 🙂 thanks

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    • Thank you so much for this awesome comment 🙂 I really appreciate the feedback. And yes losing my 125 was like losing a part of me.. Some people say “it’s just a 125” but it wasn’t, it was my gateway, that which gave me my first feel of life and adrenaline. But not to worry, I’ve already attained a 400cc and my family helped me fix her up (read some earlier posts on Thebikeaddict’s profile). Thank you once again for your comment. All the best forward, ride safe and stay tuned. 🙂

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