Keeping your bike safe and secure

I’ve recently read an article in the Roodepoort Record that sent shivers down my spine. To read the article click here. I believe that this article will induce fear into even the most hardened rider. Having one’s trusty steed stolen is probably one of the worst feelings that any biker can experience. This also hits close to home, as my good friend , the not-so-stig-like Training wheels’ first ride had also been stolen recently.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to do some research and try to give some advice on trying to keep one’s ride safe.

At first glance, a disk lock or wheel lock, can inhibit the ability of a potential thief to move one’s bike with ease. These items generally lock onto the brake disk and/or wheel and inhibit the rotation of a wheel. This makes the bike very difficult to move for a single person. However, multiple thieves may still be able to pick up the bike and carry it away. Personally, I make use of a disk lock when parking my bike away from home. These locks are fairly inexpensive, small enough to fit into one’s pocket, and provide some security if you are on the go.

However, one isn’t always riding, nor at home to keep an eye on your bike. What can be done in such an event? This will depend on where and how your bike is parked.

If one’s bike is parked outside the best possible deterrent against theft is possibly chaining one’s bike to a sturdy object, such as a fence post, car port roof pillar or something similar. I would however advise against leaving one’s bike outside.

In my opinion the best place to park one’s bike overnight, is in a locked garage. This gives the least possibility of accessing your bike without your consent. Furthermore, one’s garage can be added to one’s alarm system, further hindering any unapproved access to one’s steed.

There are also those extremists who fit alarm systems, reacting to motion, and tracking systems to their bikes. If you have access to that sort of funds, it may be a good idea to go down that route.

Keep safe, ride safe and enjoy the journey.


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