Armored Prayer – Looking for a New Steed/your first

There are several things that contribute to the selection of a new steed. Some factors include how fast you wish to fly, how stylish you’d like to be, how “classic” you’d like to be, how brutal, or simply just how practical. Other factors include your size and even your weight, so if you weigh a buck-20 it’s not advisable you get a 1000cc Fireblade that had been pushed to the point where even the devil goes “oh HELL NO!”

Before it was stolen, I rode a 125cc CBF Honda, which was very practical and even fuel efficient given my weight.. I got around 39km/l off a tank over short distances, making if an excellent commuter. I would advise a 250 and up for a little more “umph”, but a 125 is a great size to start learning how to do most that a bike does (except quick shift).

Personally I feel a cruiser is more for a man of my size. It had enough aggressiveness for it’s engine capacity (looking at a 400cc) and it had enough get-go for my daily run around. Some riders prefer a crotch rocket or a sport bike, but everyone has their own taste.

But how does one “select” a bike? In fact, you do NOT, it selects YOU, if you listen hard enough. When you walk around a dealership, you feel the energy in the air, the feeling of affection and the faint whisper of a steed grabbing at your very soul, calling you to be its rider (yes, bikers are horse whisperers). And then when you hear it and you mount this steed that whispered, you feel a powerful sensation and a feeling of peace at the same time..

From personal experience, do not just pick a bike for its looks or even its sound. uppet from my office bought a souped up corn eater (Polo) thinking it’s the shiz because well…. “Hey it’s a Polo!” turns out it leaks oil, the starter is nearly shot, battery came from Noah’s Ark, bunch of unknown cables that are disconnected in the engine compartment yet it still runs somehow. Point is (as I’ve said in my previous post) if it’s a 1000cc and it’s going for 15000, it might now be a bargain. Always follow your heart and check your buy, and take a biker-friend along who knows a thing or two about a thing or three.

May your steed call for you swiftly so that you may ride as the wind, and always be magnanimous.


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