The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Roar

In many ways, attaining a motorcycle could be one of the best decisions of your entire life. It is more than a bumper sticker, a phase, a feeling.. It is a calling, something only some hear, and fewer dare to answer. From personal experience, riding a bike can have amazing effects, such as stress and anxiety reduction, mood improvement, cleansing of the mind, and sudden feeling of awesomeness. Once the “bug” (as they call it) bites you, you’re hooked. This experience is like being splashed with cold water when you least expect it. Some experience this when they watch an incredible horse (or rider) for the first time, or it feels like the first time.. And at that moment the adventure-seeking adrenaline hungry part of your brain goes “I wanna do that”. Another way, which I experienced, is by riding passenger on a bike powerful enough to set alight the fire in your very soul. My experience was riding passenger on a 1000cc Honda Fireblade, which was the first time ever that I rode an iron horse.

Learning to ride may be easy..
But for some, earning respect for your horse comes at a price. If you do not respect the machine, it will buck you off like a wild stallion.

First thing to get used to may be the weight of the bike while your confidence builds. At first you may struggle to make some of the simplest turns, but after a while you will be so confident and you will know your bike weight so well you will start turning almost like Rossi (from experience, this is not recommended.. Trust me)
Secondly all together to get used to may be the throttle, clutch gears. A few things to look out for: trying to pull away in second gear….uphill (make sure you gear down as you come to the stop to avoid this), trying to get to first from neutral in a still standing position (best solution would be to release clutch and then pull, then try for 1st gear again), grinding gears (one reason could be because you release the clutch before you have completely selected your gear), The bike gives a violent jerk (after selecting a gear, slowly open your throttle to avoid this scare)

Last few things I wish to mention:
Function over form. Another way to explain would be dress for a fall, not for a photo shoot.

Don’t be a maniac. Ride properly and keep respect for your horse or else your family might have to pick up the pieces, and then they also have pick up pieces of the bike (understand what I’m saying?).

Just because a bike is beautiful and spotless doesn’t mean it’s a bargain when it’s going for 15000. Check your buy or take a biker-friend along who knows a thing or two.

Nod at your fellow bikers riding by, spread the love

“Riding a motorcycle is like chicken soup for the soul. It’s more than a phase, it’s a lifestyle.”


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