Biker involvement with charity.

There has always been a stigma existing around motorcyclists, labeling these persons as bad, and of no value to society. However few have decided to read deeper into the lifestyle of motorcyclists. Few know the truth of what motorcyclists actually contribute.


Let me sketch you a scenario. Hundreds of motorcycles gather in the early hours of a sunday morning in late November. Machines of all makes, shapes and displacements meet for a single purpose. All decorated with all sorts of toys and trinkets. The rumble roars across the plains as these machines and their riders embark with only one cause. Bring them toys.

This is the National toy run. A gathering of thousands of bikes taking over the highways to prove the charitability of us bikers. The sole purpose to gather toys for the less fortunate. This event has become so popular in South Africa that this year the 34th annual toyrun will be taking place.

For everyone who wants to see what it’s about please head over to the toyrun website. I urge everyone who wants to get involved with charity, biker or not, to take part in this massive event. Check out the blog home page for the official countdown.ToyRun countdown

Ride safe and enjoy the journey.


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